How to Win Battles in Pokemon Gyms on iPhone?

Nintendo Pokemon Go took everyone by surprise after its huge success. The virtual reality based game had already crossed Instagram and Facebook as most used app (based on time) in App Store, so you can imagine its addiction.

We have noticed that lot of players were curios to know about Pokemon Go gyms. Like how to join them, get training over there and battle with enemies. We have already discussed Pokemon Go gyms in details. Here we will give you some amazing tips to make sure you win battles in Pokemon Go gyms after you have joined one of the three houses. Bear with us as we guide you through the whole process.

Win Battles Pokemon Go Gyms

Tips to Win Battles in Pokemon Go Gyms

Just to remind you, you can join gym, once you have reached level five in Pokemon Go. Achieve level five isn’t dificult rather it is very easy to achieve if you are good in catching Pokemons. After that, you will be presented with three teams to choose from and that will be only one time decision. It is because you won’t be able to change your team later.

With that said, after you have declared your allegiance with one of the three available teams, you are already to battle with other trainers. Please note that there is limited of team members in each gym, so if all the spots in perticular gym are occupied, you need to look for other gyms.

For training Pokemon, you need to battle at friendly gyms, i.e. under control of the team you are part of. For rivalry battles, you need to find gym under control of team you are not part of. In friendly battles, you can raise your team prestige points while in rivalry battles, you need to reduce the prestige level of your enemies.

So here’s the tip to win battles in Pokemon gyms: First try to do as much practice as you can. This can be achieved by taking part in friendly battles in your gym. This not only will train you but rather will also increase your prestige level. Once your prestige level is improved, go for rivalry battles in opponents gyms and compete with them. Winning there won’t be problem then.

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