How to Check if Pokemon Go Servers are Down?

In this article we are going to show you how you can check the Pokemon Go Server Down? Current Status. Since the launch of Pokemon Go, it has been a huge success in the market and has attracted more than 10 million users. With such huge popularity in limited time, some technical issues are bound to happen.

One of the technical issues that Pokemon Go players have been facing is that sometimes the Pokemon Go Server is down. This becomes pretty annoying when you have decided to visit a location or a pokestop to capture Pokemon and while going to that location, the Pokemon Go server disconnects or is not available. We have compiled a list of methods for you to check the current status of Pokemon Go servers.

Pokemon Go Server Down Status

Pokemon Go outage map – DownDetector

If you want to see where the Pokemon Go server is down, you can visit Downdetector to see the current status of Pokemon Go servers and see which regions are affected by it. The site also shows Facebook user comments which also helps you to identify if the Pokemon Go server is down in your area. You can also choose your country to check the status of Pokemon Go servers.


Another way in which you can check Pokemon Go server down status is by visiting ispokemongodownornot. The site is exclusively dedicated for showing any issues related to Pokemon Go servers. The site has many useful information available like status of the servers, the game’s latency and whether you can place a lure or not.

Pokemon Go Server Status is another site that you can use to track the current Pokemon Go Server status. One good thing about this site is that it shows status for both Pokemon Go and Pokemon Trainer Club. The details also include the uptime of servers and how many seconds it takes to authenticate user login. If you are facing Pokemon Go server down issues, you might want to bookmark this site to check the status of the Pokemon Go servers.

There is another way to check the status of Pokemon Go servers and that is by following official Pokemon accounts  @PokemonGoApp, @NianticLabs and @Pokemon to get quick updates about any potential issues with the servers.

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