Explained: Gyms in Pokemon Go and How to Join Them

Pokemon Go is hitting the headlines ever since its release. If you like rest of the World is inspired by the popularity of the game and want to play right now then you need to leave your couch, and visit the streets a the game require you do so. It is because it is the only way to catch Pokemons and claims your next levels.

Gyms PokemonGo

Apart from catching Pokeballs to wild Pokemons, there’s another feature of this latest Pokemon Go game and that is gyms. Before proceeding with that, let me tell you that Pokemon Go is not that easy to understand, as there is no official tutorial available. So understanding the game require some trial and error, however, worry not as we will guide you through the whole process.

What are Gyms in Pokemon Go?

To understand gyms, consider it just like PokeStops, and you exactly need to locate them in the real World. Gyms will be marked on the game in map, like the Pokestops. They can be identified by the colored tower type pattern, that one user can easily identify.

Here some users are experiencing issues while joining gyms. We will explain all that in details in next post. However, the most common issue users faces is that they are below level 5 on Pokemon Go game. Remember, you need to reach level five before you are able to join Pokemon Go gyms.

How to Join Gyms in Pokemon Go?

If you are already on level 5 and have also located the gym, then what is next? Next you need to join a team out of three: Mystic, Instinct or Valor. Remember, this will be asked only for the first time you join the gym. Once you have chosen your team, you cannot change it at later stages.

After you have joined your team in gym, you can battle at gym. For battle, rival gyms need to be joined, which will belong to either of the two teams that you are not part of. In battle, you have to lower your enemy prestige level. A tip is to attach your opponent as soon as the whistle is blown to have high chances of winning gym battles.

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